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What to Do About Water Damage on Your Ceiling

Water Damage on Ceiling

It’s a moment that every homeowner dreads: A heavy rain begins, and shortly after you find water leaking from the ceiling or a stain slowly spreading overhead. It’s a common, but serious, a problem that most homeowners experience at one point or another. According to insurance statistics, more than $10,000 worth of claims per year…

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Mildew vs. Mold: When a Homeowner Should Worry

Mold VS Mildew

If you see a strange spot or small growth in your home, you might wonder whether it is mold or mildew. While both can be harmful to your home if left untreated, they each have distinct features that require specific remedies. Mold and mildew are both common occurrences, especially in homes that have moist areas…

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