What to Do After a House Fire: Restoration Tips

A man fixes a burnt socket showing what to do after a house fire

A fire in your home is one of the most traumatic events any homeowner or renter can face. Even when your home survives a blaze, the damage created by the fire—and the resulting smoke—can be significant, even in parts of the home that weren’t directly touched by flame. The cleanup and restoration process after a…

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Sewer Backup in Basement: What to Do

Sewage backup in basement floor drain

It’s easy to identify a sewer backup in your home. Not only does the presence of sewage backing up into a toilet, or through a drain, present a clear sign of a sewage line issue, the smell will be tough to ignore for you and anyone inside your home. A fast response can minimize the…

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How to Repair Hardwood Floor Water Damage

a man repairing hard wood floor

Water damage is a serious threat to any wood flooring in your home—especially when water goes undetected or ignored. When the presence of water is spotted early, it’s possible to remove the water and minimize or eliminate long-lasting damage. If ignored or given too much time to soak into the wood, damage will become permanent—and…

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What to Expect from Mold Removal Services: The Process

home mold removal from internal walls

Mold exists everywhere, inside and outside your home. In small amounts, mold spores pose no threat to indoor or outdoor air quality. But in a home where stagnant moisture collects, mold can thrive, growing large colonies in hard-to-see places like cracks around windows or the insulation in your walls. Mold growths can be difficult, if…

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What to Do After a Storm: Damage Repair and Restoration

residential storm damage restoration

For most North Carolina homes, it’s only a matter of time before severe weather results in exterior damage requiring repairs. For homeowners, this damage can cause significant stress, especially when the damage renders your home uninhabitable. This is true even when you have home insurance to cover the repairs. To address the damage, restore your…

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What to Do About Water Damage on Your Ceiling

Water Damage on Ceiling

It’s a moment that every homeowner dreads: A heavy rain begins, and shortly after you find water leaking from the ceiling or a stain slowly spreading overhead. It’s a common, but serious, a problem that most homeowners experience at one point or another. According to insurance statistics, more than $10,000 worth of claims per year…

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Mildew vs. Mold: When a Homeowner Should Worry

Mold VS Mildew

If you see a strange spot or small growth in your home, you might wonder whether it is mold or mildew. While both can be harmful to your home if left untreated, they each have distinct features that require specific remedies. Mold and mildew are both common occurrences, especially in homes that have moist areas…

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