Matterport For Restoration Services

Matterport has changed the way the industry looks at insurance claims and the restoration process after a disaster. With unique 3D modeling, it helps to evaluate and plan the restoration procedure in advance. It helps everyone study the affected properties from various angles and produce a budget. Matterport has also made insurance claims easier. Insurance companies go through the 3D model of the affected property and approve claims in no time. Metrolina Restoration proudly implements this technology to offer premium services.

Fire Restoration

Real Stories in Matterport – Upstairs Bathroom Leak

In this scenario, the faucet to the upstairs master sink blew off and flooded the property overnight while the resident slept, until it was noticed the following day. The water went from the second level all the way down into the crawlspace. Most of the drywall had already collapsed by the time our team got there. The flooring on the first level was laminate and had to be removed and replaced. Our team was able to salvage the upstairs carpet and once the padding was put back it was stretched back into place and professionally cleaned.