Restore Your Home After a Disaster

Metrolina Restoration offers comprehensive fire damage restoration services in the Metrolina network. Dealing with the aftermath of fires and other natural disasters is devastating. Metrolina Restoration can help repair the damage to your house so you can be comfortable in your own home again.

Whether your house was damaged because of a natural disaster or grease fire, will do our best to make it look like the fire never happened. Metrolina Restoration also offer smoke damage restoration services to help remove all traces of the residual carbon from your house. Contact our fire damage restoration team today.

Fire Restoration
Fire Restoration

The Stress Caused By Fire Damages

Fire accidents are unpredictable, and if not controlled, can lead to significant property damages. From burns to the toxic smoke, the damages can impact your lifestyle for a long time. Any fire controlling activities involve lots of water, and along comes water damages as well. It becomes overwhelming to handle two situations at the same time.

Professional fire damage restoration services can relieve you of the stress and guide you to manage the damages without any worry. Metrolina Restoration streamlines the restoration process to ensure every corner of your property is covered within the stipulated time. Metrolina Restoration also helps you manage the water damage due to the fire extinguishing activities.

Metrolina Restoration helps in removing the excess water and remove the extra moisture from the air with dehumidifiers. Metrolina Restoration also use air scrubbers to remove the extra particles and smoke from the air along with the odor. The suspended particles from fire damage can have an adverse impact on the respiratory system and can affect children and older people alike. Professional fire restoration services can help restore the normalcy of your property and can undo the damages in no-time.

Fire Restoration

Metrolina Restoration Will Repair Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage is not the only thing that's hard to get rid of after a fire. Smoke damage is equally challenging to remove. Through our fire and smoke damage restoration process, we:

  • Remove all items that have been completely damaged
  • Clean your entire duct system
  • Remove all the carpeting
  • Deodorize anything that's structurally sound

Our team will help you recover your investment with our fire damage restoration services. Once the fire is put out, and your home is deemed safe to enter, call 704-689-4567 immediately.

Fire Restoration

Step-by-step Fire Restoration Process

Fire damages can be very messy, and it may be confusing to figure where to start. Metrolina Restoration implements a step-by-step approach to ensure every nook and corner is restored without causing you any hassle.

Your First Call in Fire Damage

Metrolina Restoration is available 24/7 for emergency restoration services. When you contact us, we ask you basic questions regarding the damage to carry the required equipment. Depending on the area of the property, we decide the size of our team for a specific project. Metrolina Restoration respond to all service requests with urgency.


Once Metrolina Restoration reaches the location, Metrolina Restoration assesses the property to understand our scope of work. Metrolina Restoration check the adjoining areas and rooms to check for smoke and soot damages as well. Metrolina Restoration also check for water damage caused by fire extinguishing efforts. Metrolina Restoration allocates our team members with specific tasks to get started with your specific service.

Board-up Services

Fire damage can affect windows and rooftops severely. Metrolina Restoration act on these parts of the property first and board-up missing windows to prevent further damage. Metrolina Restoration also secure damaged roofs with tarps. This improves the security of your property and makes you less vulnerable during the disaster.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is often part of fire damage situations. To cope with the fire, tons of water are used by the fire extinguishing team. The water can cause damage to the interiors of your property. Metrolina Restoration use dehumidifiers to remove extra moisture from the air. Metrolina Restoration also uses large dryers to dry up the floor surfaces and walls.

Smoke Removal

Metrolina Restoration use specialized air scrubbers to remove smoke residue from your property. Fire damages often lead to soot accumulation on the walls and ceiling. Metrolina Restoration efficiently get rid of any signs of soot and burn marks from the affected areas.

Cleaning Process

After the primary signs of damage are worked upon, Metrolina Restoration move on to the cleaning process to get rid of dirt and grime accumulated. Metrolina Restoration remove any traces of ashes and dust caused by the fire. Metrolina Restoration use high-grade sanitizers and deodorizers to leave your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Metrolina Restoration use advanced cleaning equipment and fogging devices for all our projects.

Final Restoration

The final restoration step involves minor repairs caused by the fire. Metrolina Restoration also do the necessary painting to restore the original appearance of your property. Metrolina Restoration also help with carpet installation and replacement of drywall. Metrolina Restoration assist you with any kind of services that are necessary to restore your property to its original condition.

Fire Restoration

Why Choose Our Services

Metrolina Restoration is a locally-owned restoration company based in Concord. Metrolina Restoration is a fast-acting organization and believe in responding to any kind of emergency assistance at any time. Metrolina Restoration is currently serving the Charlotte Metro area to include Mecklenburg, York (SC), Gaston, Union, Cabarrus, Iredell, Catawba, Cleveland, Rowan, Lancaster (SC), and Lincoln counties and the needs of the Atlanta Metro Area to include Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Barrow, Forsyth, Cherokee, Bartow, Paulding, Douglas, Coweta, Fayette, Spalding, Henry, Rockdale, Newton, and Walton counties as well as serving the counties of Myrtle Beach and Coastal Carolina.

Metrolina Restoration is well-equipped with the latest technology and equipment to combat the side-effects of fire and water damage. Our professionals are well-trained and attend advanced training programs to stay updated about the latest techniques and methods. Metrolina Restoration has years of work experience as fire damage specialists. Metrolina Restoration open to all kinds of projects, be it big or small. Metrolina Restoration is equipped with sufficient manpower to work on fire damages of any size at any hour.