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Not sure if your home is infested with mold?

Turn to the mold remediation experts based in Concord, NC and serving the Charlotte Metro Area.

When you suspect your home has mold, you should call Metrolina Restoration immediately. Metrolina Restoration partnered with a premier local hygienist that will conduct tests and analyze the findings to determine what type of mold is growing in your house. If your house has an overgrowth of mold, our team will remove it. After Metrolina Restoration has completed the mold remediation, or mold removal process, our team will give you an easy-to-follow protocol to help prevent future mold growth.

Our job isn't done until our hygienist proves, through lab testing, that the mold is no longer an issue. Trust our team when you need mold remediation services anywhere in our Metrolina Network.

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Six Signs Your Home has Mold

Mold is not always obvious to uncover, but there are a few signs to look out for if you think you may have a mold problem. If

  • You smell musty odors or notice damp areas
  • You're experiencing persistent allergy or cold symptoms
  • You home has water issues or moisture buildup
  • You've had nose bleeds or headaches recently
  • Your home has a history of flooding
  • You spot suspect growth in your home 

If you are experiencing any of the above, it's time for mold removal service. Call 704-689-4567 right now if you're dealing with any of these problems.

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Types of Molds

Aspergillus is one of the most common type of mold that can be spotted in almost every household. They grow on food and air conditioning systems and can be very tough to remove. Cladosporium is another type of mold that looks like pepper and grows on the back of toilet and inside air ducts. These two molds are not toxic in nature but can cause allergic symptoms like sore throat and watery eyes. Another type of mold that grows on moist plans and woods are the red and orange ones. They are harmless but can be removed as they don’t look great. Molds usually look white in color during their initial days of growth and can be easy to remove.

Every kind of mold has a different source of origin and it is important to detect that to prevent recurrence of molds. It is also important to test if the molds are toxic or not. Sometimes molds release toxins into the nature and the air quality helps in determining the toxicity of these growth. Metrolina Restoration helps in mold remediation and also restores the health of your property after the removal of these elements. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Your Trusted Mold Remediation Service Providers

Metrolina Restoration is one of the trusted restoration companies offering professional mold remediation services in the Metrolina Network. Our professionals have years of experience in dealing with molds of different kinds. Metrolina Restoration has the resources to distinguish between the toxic and non-toxic molds and can detect their origin. Metrolina Restoration work towards sanitizing your entire property to prevent the growth of molds in the future as well.

Metrolina Restoration understand that molds can leave the surface looking old and damaged. Metrolina Restoration help you in restoring the original appearance of the mold-affected areas. Our team is fully equipped to inspect your home and test it for the presence of any kind of mold. Metrolina Restoration remove the mold in a step-by-step manner so that it does not infect the surroundings. Metrolina Restoration also ensure no traces of the molds are left. Metrolina Restoration also use air scrubbers to get rid of any kind of particles from the air to discourage further growth. Metrolina Restoration take maximum precautions and use the best means to help you have a cleaner and safer environment to live or work.

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Water Damage Services for Mold Prevention

Moisture is one of the key factors that facilitate the growth of molds within a property. Lack of sunshine and humidity gives molds just the perfect environment to thrive. If your home has experienced water damage, it is most likely a nest for molds. Metrolina Restoration offers water damage services that prevent mold prevention. Metrolina Restoration use high-grade air-drying systems that can dry large areas in a very short duration of time. Metrolina Restoration also use humidifiers that remove extra moisture from the air that can contribute to the growth of molds. Our water damage services not only improve the appearance of damages but also improves the quality of air that you breathe in.

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Why Hire Our Experts

Our professionals have years of experience in restoration services and work proactively in every project assigned to them. Metrolina Restoration are passionate about helping you recover from the damages caused by natural or urban disasters. Metrolina Restoration use modern devices and equipment to speed up the restoration process so that you can bounce back to your regular life like nothing happened. Metrolina Restoration believe in investing time in inspecting the property for any potential hazard before plunging into the main work.

Metrolina Restoration do not believe in a hurried job that leaves your property messier instead of looking better. Metrolina Restoration strives to improve not only the physical aspects of your property but also the air quality by getting rid of toxins or pathogens. Metrolina Restoration are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency services. Call us today.